I'm a Literature student and a waitress (who secretly wants to be a pirate)... I will blog random stuff that interests me/that I am obsessed about atm, there will always be One Piece, Supernatural and Marvel things though, I guarantee... xD




White people don’t care.

I can’t even find words for how disgusted I am anymore

What is wrong with the landlords and ladies in this area…

"Aaaah I can’t make a decision… I’ll throw a dice and let it decide…"

The decision is not hard at all, because the answer is me. You want ME to live there. JFC!!!


whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”


"I waited too long to read the sequel, and now I can’t even remember the characters."

                                                                                            A novel by me

I know that I’m an adult, but I need a higher level adult.

words that just left my lips and describe my current life. (via enjolrastopheles)


Captain Jack has two modes of selfie… either gorgeous or DERP XD

Oh god, oh god oh god… i had a Destiel dream… fuck… I’m done for… now I ship them actively…